We design modern makeup bags using bio-based materials from plants and recycled materials to create luxury vegan beauty cases.

Hi my name is Wanda Szychowska and I am the Founder.



ESTETIKA is Polish for beauty / aesthetics.

Raised in Melbourne by Polish immigrant parents, I remember my mother would always put on a bright red or statement coral lipstick and fix her hair every time we left the house. She instilled an elegance, self pride and style, somehow with six children in tow, and to this day looks beautiful inside and out at 78.

I understood that a touch of makeup would lift her mood, and so from an early age I was enamoured with beauty and skincare. To this day I make the daily effort for my own self care to ensure my skincare and beauty routine is simple and elegant, less on the daily lipstick.

I am always inspired by my work as an Interior Designer and so, when my daughter gave me a black vinyl vanity case for Mothers Day and apologised for being unable to find one in any other colour, we began looking for a plant-based, colourful option that was more environmentally friendly. 

We designed these to feel the joy again in our beauty routines. 

So ESTETIKA was born to make beauty routines and self-care exciting and fun for all who want to enjoy both journey and destination.