What materials do you use?

To avoid the negative impacts of leather, we find out that waste of corn husks and plants is a solution to avoid animal material and reduce our carbon footprint. The waste is recycled and coloured to give birth to wearable materials. The biomass is blended with stabilisers like recycled plastic and bio-PU (water based PU).


Are Estetika bags vegan?

Yes, all PUFFEE bags are vegan PETA certified.


Biomaterials are an innovative alternative to leather. They are made from a technological process that transforms plant waste into a wearable material with leather-like properties. This is a real breakthrough because biomaterials have a much lower environmental impact than leather and are of course cruelty-free.

Why are bio materials better for the planet?

Bio-based materials are on average 89% less polluting (89% less carbon) than leather. 


In order to maintain your bag in its original state you can use a neutral soap and a ​​damp cloth on the exterior and interior lining and then allow to dry. Do not soak the bag as it may lose its shape. The material and lining is wipeable however is not stain proof, so make sure to wipe away marks as soon as possible so they do not sink into the material.